25 Recipes

I believe I had a list of about 20 recipes here and then I accidently hit delete and lost them all. I remember a few of them, but decided to just start over since I do a lot of cooking.
  1. 11/11/11 - Shepherd's Pie by Alton Brown - This wasn't too bad. I didn't like the tomatoey taste from the tomato paste. I'd like to try a different kind of gravy next time.
  2. 11/24/11 - Pumpkin Muffins from Smitten Kitchen - Delicious. I will be making these again and again. Nice and moist. I may buy a loaf pan and make this a bread.
  3. 02/02/13 - Cream of Mushroom Soup from The Freckled Fox - I modified this recipe to suite my needs. It was delicious and I had it over rice.
  4. Thanksgiving 2012 - Maple Cheesecake from Baked Bree - DEE-licious. I loved this and it was ALL mine. The plan was to top it with candied pecans and bacon, but I was too lazy. Maybe next time.
  5. don't remember - Pumpkin Mac n' Cheese from Lauren's Latest - Good stuff. You couldn't really taste the pumpkin, but you could smell it. Will definitely make it again.
  6. don't remember - Nutty Banana Smoothie from fellow fellow - I put some Nutella in mine to make it a nice sweet treat. YUM!
  7. July 2012 - cold oatmeal cups from the yummy life - These are great for breakfast. Make them the night before and then grab them from the fridge in the morning and add a smoothie and I'm FULL!
  8. don't remember - Mexican Quinoa from Annie's Eats - Tastes just like salsa or something. This is a great snack. I could eat it every week.
  9. Thanksgiving 2012 - Wild Rice Stuffing from Fake Ginger - No bread stuff for me this Thanksgiving. This was great with gravy on it.
  10. 02/02/13 - Chouquettes from Bolu by Rima/Rachel Khoo - cute and fun little pastries that you can pop in your mouth. I plan to make these like all the time. I just need a cookie scoop so I can make them all the same size. Ha!

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