1. Goose Island  Root Beer - I say this counts because it wasn't your regular run of the mill root beer and it was oh so good.
  2. Lindemans Peche - Nice and sweet, though I didn't like that it had a cork. Thankfully, even though I'm not really  wine drinker I had my handy wine open ready and waiting in the drawer.
  3. Stella Artois - Not bad. Fancy and expensive, but good.  
  4. Sun King Wee Mac - This is actually pretty good for a dark beer. I liked it and probably could've had another glass or two. 
  5. Futhermore Fatty Boombalatty - I picked this off the menu JUST because of the name. And I wasn't the only one. It was pretty good too. I really just wanna keep saying the name. Fatty Boombalatty.
  6. Lakefront Riverwest Stein - This was good and didn't make me feel like crap later. I'm not sure just yet what it is in beer, but some I'm okay with and others make it hard for me to breath and make me itchy.
  7. Dang! That's Good Butterscotch Root Beer - It has beer in the name. Delicious. I wish I could get more of this, but I'd have to say they'd have to be a special treat. It's very sweet. You wouldn't want to drink it all the time.
  8. Cock n' Bull Ginger Beer - I tried ginger beer once before and I felt like it tasted kinda spicy, but not and decided I didn't like it. But I'm the type that likes to try things in different brands because I know all things are NOT created equal. I like this brand. I'd drink it regularly if it were available.
  9. Fat Tire New Belgian Amber Ale - Yuck. I tried to like this, but no. Instead I ended up using it to cook with. Yup, I cook with fancy beer. Better than wasting it I think.
  10. Something Hefe (I don't remember the name) - I had this at Bru Burger Bar. It was delicious. I'd love to sit at Bru Burger and drink and eat all day. I think that's how I need to spend the summer.
  11. UFO Hefeweizen - Grabbed this out of the cooler at a friend's BBQ. Yeah, so I can't drink Hefeweizen's. They make me feel bad. I get red and my breathing is not good. Good to know what I have to avoid now. 
  12. Shocktop - It was okay. Made me feel like crap.
  13. Wells Banana Bread - This was good and really did taste like yummy banana bread with a kick of beer. It also made me feel like crap. I've noticed only some beers do this to me.